"When in Doubt - Drizzle it Out"

"When in Doubt - Drizzle it Out"

   Ever since the Elderberry Infused Raw Honey found its way into my life, everything has changed when it comes to eating food. I always enjoyed trying new foods, experimenting in the kitchen, and creating masterpieces. Although things are different now; I am obsessed with covering everything in honey! 

   I know what you may be thinking... "yeah this dude is nuts". You are not necessarily incorrect about that... but I AM NOT WRONG when I say that the Elderberry Honey goes good on EVERYTHING!

   Typically honey is used to enhance flavors in Tea and Coffee and every once in a while someone will go wild and put some on a salad. But LISTEN... there is a reason our company slogan is "More than just Honey". It is literally because the Elderberry Infused Honey is MORE than just HONEY!

   Aside from it's deep red hue, berry aroma, and exclusive rarity among other specialty honeys on the market; it has the PERFECT sweetness and tartness. There is something about it that pairs very well with everything.  

   Pizza, fried fish, grilled fish, fried and grilled chicken, steak, burgers, fruits, nuts, cheese, salads, pastries, ice-cream --- EVERYTHING 

   I urge you to try drizzling this elderberry honey on stuff. Even if you don't initially believe it will taste good- just try it. You very well may be surprised!

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