The World is Ending and My Honey is Crystalizing...

The World is Ending and My Honey is Crystalizing...

   First off... let's all just relax a little. I know the feeling when your honey begins to harden; it sucks. Yeah sure you can still eat it - Yeah sure you can still dunk the crystal rocks into your drink - But I want that runny, yummy goodness!

   Before I let you know the SECRET to re-liquifying your honey, let us learn a little about WHY honey crystalizes in the first place. Okay cool



   Raw honey is essentially sugar and water. Yeah sure there is a LIST of other contents such as pollens, propolis, enzymes, etc. - but for this topic we are just going to talk about Glucose and Fructose (SUGAR). Over time the sugars will precipitate out and separate from the water - causing the first crystals to form.  New crystal's will then form on top of the older crystals until the entire container is hard. Factors such as humidity levels, temperature, and floral region will cause the honey to crystalize faster than other batches.  

   Highly processed honey rarely crystalizes due to the modifications made at the factory; but the GOOD stuff (Raw honey) will always crystalize over time. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. You CAN slow it down though mainly by using temperature as your friend. Remember: WARM AIR = RUNNY HONEY!      Not too much heat though; excessive heat will cause all the healthy stuff in honey to deactivate and then at that point you have the phony-baloney stuff that you see everywhere. Storing your honey in room temperature or warmer (80 degree F) is the best way to keep your honey silky smoothe until you are ready for another jar. Lower temperatures, especially below (50 degree F), rapidly speed up the crystallization process. So keep it out of your dark pantry and your refrigerator! On the window seal during the summer, and in your SOCK drawer during the blizzard! That adds good flavor by the way😜 

   So what happens when/if your honey begins to turn into crystal?? Easy.... expose it to HEAT!! I have found the best way to do it is to put your jar in a pan with warm water, not too hot to the touch, then raise the water levels to the neck of the jar and open the lid. After a few mins, stir it. Repeat this process until it is LIQUID GOLD again! It may take 5-10 mins but it is worth it! TRUST ME; you'll be the cool kid all over again.     

  I hope you learned something today! That's what we are all about around here. Knowledge, growth, happiness, and HONEY

Stay tuned for more fun-facts, DIYs, RECIPES, and more ✔

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