It all started with a Prayer

Derek Hayes founded Arvoli Honey in 2021 after a supernatural encounter with God. Recently out of prison and trying to get back up on his feet at his father’s house during the covid pandemic, Derek Hayes asked the Lord what He wanted him to do with his life. Before Derek could finish, he had a vivid vision of "red honey" and immediately saw a flatbed truck stacked with beehives going down the highway. As he continued to drive to parole, Derek realized something; he had no choice but to give it a shot.

Afterall, what else did he have to lose?
On a shoe-string budget, Derek began experimenting with a gallon of local raw honey and a quarter lb of dried elderberries. After 7 months of daily research, trial and error, the red honey was no longer just a vision.
Arvoli Honey was born, and the Red Honey was a hit.   
Arvoli has developed over 30 different honey infusions in the form of honey sticks, jars, bottles, and bulk containers. All of them were tasty, but nothing has matched the elderberry honey. 30 flavors have come and gone, none could compare to the Lord's Vision. The Red Honey has been the Number 1 Seller since day one. 
Arvoli’s Elderberry Honey is unlike any other of its kind on the market. Their  infusion process is patient and all natural which creates the most potent elderberry honey with the unmatched vibrant coloration and smooth consistency.  Arvoli has a policy to never use concentrates, extracts, colorings, flavorings, or preservatives. Nothing artificial whatsoever. Period. 
“At the end of the day it's not about the honey or the company. It's about the Lord and His Vision.Just like our honey, our story is simple: I asked, and He answered."
It's His business, not ours.” - Derek Hayes