About Us

   Arvoli is a local Texas based home business that began operations back in 2020 and due to the pandemic, our plans were shifted only to find ourselves creating our true passion; Herb Infused Raw Honey as an alternative to modern medications.  

   I never knew I would be working with honey in my life let alone enjoying every moment of creating this awesome product. From the moment I began putting my foot forward with this idea, challenges arose left and right. I had no idea that making herb infused honey, let alone making it practical and scalable to the commercial shelves would be SUCH a challenge. All along the journey to figuring out the production process inside my house, evidence of demand kept and pulling me back to the drawing table every time I had a massive failure. After 8 very stressful months of not knowing if it was even possible, an accident occurred during ANOTHER test-run. Only this time that accident lit the way in front of us. That mistake turned out to be our blessing; the golden ticket. Who knew that an accident could be the next step forward to victory. 

   Our goal from our herb infused honey is to not only provide an artistically crafted, healthy & natural alternative solution to modern medicines, but to show everyday-people just how beneficial a single teaspoon a day is for your health. That's why the straws are such a hit; you can basically take a portable dose of healthiness with you every where you go and it also tastes AMAZING!

   Providing joy and health to people is what is ultimately driving us to keep jumping through the hoops. What a better way to do just that other than sweet tasting liquid gold. 

                                                                            - Derek Hayes