Getting comfortable at times is necessary...

But when it comes to achieving an extraordinary goal - resist getting comfortable for too long. This leads to complacency. And that... well that leads to just a poor performance in the long run. 

When I started this journey to providing the "best honey in the world" to people - I knew I was going to face challenges. I knew that I was going to have to constantly strive to improve everything about the product and organization. I knew the moment I become comfortable - that's the moment we stop increasing our performance at the rate that we are capable of.

I must say that constantly climbing can be very exhausting...but very rewarding when a plan finally comes together after repetitive failure. 

After literally weeks worth of conscious hours of brainstorming and researching - after many frustrating setbacks - I am grateful to say that we have finally improved our filtration process. The result... a smooth, creamy, and delicate finish.

Is this actually the best honey that has every been created on earth...?

Realistically I am not sure... But I do know one thing is for certain...

I am one step closer now


- Derek Hayes

"More Than Just Honey"

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