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Skin Drink Mushroom Trilogy Brightening Serum

   This light yet rich formula of essential oils and botanical extracts absorbs quickly, making it invaluable. It provides a gentle plumping action on lines, improves elasticity, and encourages cellular regeneration.

   It contains three antioxitdant mushrooms which have been touted by Dr. Andrew Weil. He argues that these mushrooms slow the rate at which cells age. New York dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel states “Mushrooms contain Kojic acid, which brightens the skin by reducing the pigmentation caused by sun damage. Kojic is also an antioxidant.”

   It also contains a patented ingredient derived from Echinacea, and Gotu Kola called Butylene Glycol, Hydrocoytyl extract, and Coneflower extract. DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is a natural food component, and a natural metabolite of the human body), Alpha lipoic acid, and C Ester has been added to round out this perfect anti-aging formula. Dr. Nicholas Perricon has been very vocal about the benefits of these ingredients topically as well as internally. He has been on numerous talk shows including Oprah and has written two books concerning the subject. Numerous published observations have documented the fact that asiatic acid, and asiaticosides extracted from Centella asiatica, or Gotu Kola has the ability to stimulate dermal fibroblasts and increase collagen synthesis in the skin.

   In addition, Coneflower Extract or Echinacea angustifolia, contributes to the integrity of the skin by increasing the viscosity of the ground substance between the cells. Coneflower extract has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing properties. Clinical studies have shown that there is a considerable reduction in lines and wrinkles in four weeks of continued use. Skin tone and texture is also greatly improved in just one week of use and continues to improve for months. Acne prone skin improved greatly.

   Results from clinical studies show that this combination of ingredients, in fact, increases superficial and integral skin firmness increases the thickness and density of the epidermal and dermal compartments, and results in a clinical improvement of the skin surface. The serum tightens and tones the skin noticeably.

   It should be applied after the toner, and can be used with the Skin Drink Renewal Complex, Hydrating Nourisher, and/ or the Day Protection.