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   The Dirty Chai Tea blend is tasty, organic, energy enhancing, and beneficial to digestive health! It has organic WellMind coffee mixed in, making this an amazing morning beverage to start your daily journey. What more could you want from a bag of Tea?  


Approx. 25-30 Teas


In The Bag:

- direct trade coffee

- ginger root 

- ceylon cinnamon

- shredded coconut 

- rooibos tea 

- cardamom powder

- madagascar vanilla extract 


* Certified Organic Herbs



   Shake to make sure herbs are evenly mixed. Scoop (for starters) 1 tbsp of tea into a loose leaf tea brewing method of your choice. Pour 8oz of water at 195deg F and steep for 6-8 mins depending on your patience and desired strength. Strain and pour. Add natural sweetener as desired (we use Stevia). If 195 is too hot for you to drink, add some cool water after tea is done brewing or 1-2 ice cubes. Please be careful not to burn yourself!