Brain Boost Tea

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Approx. 25-30 Teas



Brain Boost blend.

  • support short & long term cognitive function^
  • l-theanine + caffeine nontropic stack^
  • manage stress, mood & energy^
  • protect brain health with powerful anti-oxidants^


Cognitive boosting botanical blend:  

*Gotu Kola
*Rhodiola Rosea
*Yerba Mate
*Certified Organic Botanical

Important Considerations:

   We believe your diet and lifestyle have major impacts on Brain health and function (this is pretty common knowledge). Our brain boost tea is a supplemental product and should be used in addition to an active lifestyle, healthy sleep cycles and a nutritious diet.

   If your diet and sleep is poor and you're not exercising regularly, your brain will not be functioning optimally. That is a matter of fact. 


   Shake to make sure herbs are evenly mixed. Scoop (for starters) 1 tbsp of tea into a loose leaf tea brewing method of your choice. Pour 8oz of water at 195deg F and steep for 6-8 mins depending on your patience and desired strength. Strain and pour. Add natural sweetener as desired (we use Stevia). If 195 is too hot for you to drink, add some cool water after tea is done brewing or 1-2 ice cubes. Please be careful not to burn yourself!