Arvoli Honey Jars (Mixed Pack)

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This is 8 Fluid Oz (12 ounces in weight) of the finest honey on the planet!

Mix Pack Contains:
-Elderberry Honey (4 Jars) 7.00$ Each
-Lavender Honey (4 Jars) 7.00$ Each
-Spearmint Honey (4 Jars) 7.00$ Each
-Stress-Less Honey (4 Jars) 7.00$ Each
-Organic Raw Honey (4 Jars) 5.25$ Each
** 20 Jars Total - with an average of 6.65 per Jar

Our raw honey is USDA Organic and remains unprocessed from hive to bottle and perfectly maintains all of the enzymes, amino acids, pollens, vitamins, and trace minerals naturally found in raw honey. We never use force filtering, which requires excessive heat and removes the benefits of the natural pollen honey contains. Our flavored honeys are infused with real herbs with a carefully calculated aging process, delicately filtered, and packed for sale.

Our honey is naturally fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, kosher, and gluten free. Oh yeah... and our producer is True Source Certified - so you know you're getting the REAL stuff from us!