Adaptive Cacoa - Performance SuperFood

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Therapeutic Mushroom & Adaptogen Superfood. 

Daily super-food drink.

   Smooth blend of antioxidant rich cacao, mct, authentic mushroom extracts, pre-biotic fiber and trace minerals. This prebiotic blend not only provides proper food (fertilizer) for the healthy bacteria living inside your digestive system but it starves the bad bacteria; improving digestive function/health.  


In the bag: 

*peruvian raw cacao.
*coconut milk powder (mct).
*reishi mushroom extract.
*chaga mushroom extract.
*cordyceps mushroom extract.
*lions mane mushroom extract.
*agave inulin.
*acacia fiber.
*himalayan salt. 
*debittered stevia extract.

*certified organic ingredient.


Easy Brewing Instructions 

+ depending on how strong you want your drink mix 1-2 tablespoons in 4oz of hot water 

+ top off with 6-8oz plant based milk (oat milk is awesome

+ enjoy daily!

* Makes 12-24 Drinks