Our Promise

We are passionate for creating and delivering the most unique variety of naturally infused honey flavors on the market. Our team makes sure that every batch is taste tested and confirmed to uphold our reputation along with our quality standards. 

Every straw, jar, and bucket is inspected before leaving our facility to ensure that 100% of the contents are not crystalized and that the packages are sealed properly for transit.

If you receive our honey damaged or crystalized directly from the mail carrier, we will replace your items at no expense to you. We simply need a notification and picture via email confirming what is damaged/crystalized. ( derek@arvoli.com )

If your honey crystalizes later within your possession, we are not held responsible due to the fact that all raw honey (not highly processed) will naturally crystalize eventually. 

Not to worry though, crystallization does not mean the honey is ruined. That is how honey preserves itself. There are many ways to slow down the crystallization process and even reverse it so that your honey is perfectly smooth once again.