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You-Booster Honey


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* Raw Honey

* Elderberries



- 10.5 ounces ( 7 Fluid Oz ) // 40 Servings (approx.) -



   We portion our You-Booster for 1 dose amounting to 1 Teaspoon. While the effects of raw honey and elderberry are clear, for maximizing their abilities, we strongly recommend taking a dose every morning to maintain general health and to keep the immune system ready for illness. We would like to remind you that these ingredients are not dangerous in these quantities; if you "accidentally" eat more than one teaspoon, you will be perfectly okay.


   We felt a strong passion to create a solution to promote the immune system. With a strategic combination of elderberries & raw honey - and a patient aging process of infusion - we are confident that this formula is a worthy counterpart to common modern medicine. 

   With our You-Booster Honey we offer an all-natural alternative to daily immune system health. Elderberries, packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins, deliver allergy fighting properties and is a strong defense against the cold & flu. Most people do not take any medication to prevent sickness until it is too late. If elderberry is apart of your daily diet though, your immune system will never be un-equipped for when your body faces allergies and illness. 


But Why Raw Honey?

  Our first goals were to promote daily wellness and boost our immune systems. Supported by countless studies, a small dose of raw honey every morning became our main focus. Most people are not aware of the fact that this tasty treat made by bees is a powerful immune system booster, is rich in anti-oxidants, combats general internal inflammation, promotes digestion health; all while being an energizer AND a natural sleep-aid by providing fuel for your brain throughout the night. Raw Honey is a true gift of nature!