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Stress-Less Honey


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* Raw Honey

* Valerian Root

* Ashwagandha 

* Chamomile

* Oat Straw



- 10.5 ounces ( 7 Fluid Oz ) // 40 Servings (approx.) -



   We portion our Stress-Less formula for 1 dose amounting to 1 Teaspoon. When taken in the morning, raw honey is an energizer and while taken before bedtime, it promotes a healthy, detoxifying sleep cycle. We recommend taking a dose at the end of your day to wind-down, relax, and to ease into your sleep. We would like to remind you that these ingredients are not dangerous in these quantities; if you "accidentally" eat more than one teaspoon, you will be perfectly okay. 


   We felt a strong passion to create and deliver a solution to solve our own problems that many share such as anxiety, depression phases, insomnia, etc. With a strategic combination of holistic herbs & raw honey - and a patient aging process of infusion - we are confident that this formula is a worthy counterpart to common modern medicine. 

   Carefully chosen, all four of these herbs have been historically beneficial to combating anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Through clinical studies we now know that they work on the same brain receptors that anti-anxiety & anti-depressants do. Those common pill-form medicines have a long list of negative side effects including addiction; while our formula is natural, clean, and effective.  

   For instance, a common over-the-counter remedy for insomnia now days is melatonin. Although melatonin is natural, it is a much more direct & intense approach and often times leads to the user feeling very groggy the following day and tolerance increase over time. Using our Stress-Less Honey formula, you can gradually solve your sleeping issues over time, naturally, while also escaping the morning fuzziness caused by other approaches.


  But Why Raw Honey? 

   Our first goals were to promote daily wellness and boost our immune systems. Supported by countless studies, a small dose of raw honey every morning became our main focus. Most people are not aware of the fact that this tasty treat made by bees is a powerful immune system booster, is rich in anti-oxidants, combats general internal inflammation, promotes digestion health; all while being an energizer AND a natural sleep-aid by providing fuel for your brain throughout the night. Raw Honey is a true gift of nature!