12oz Spicy Honey

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Hey what's in that jar?

12oz in weight (8 Fl. Oz)

We carefully infused Raw WildFlower Honey with Crushed Chili Peppers - we do not subject our product to any excessive heat, filtration, or pressure.

Looks and smells like plain honey - but the taste... the taste will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS RIGHT OFF! Our spicy honey isn't spicy enough to make you cry but there's enough heat to make your body temperature raise a few points. 

Drizzle this perfect honey over fries, fruits and nuts, fried chicken and fish, burgers, sautéed veggies, whatever you want. This perfect balance between sweetness and spiciness will elevate your dish to whole new level - GUARANTEED 



This product contains raw honey. Do not feed to infants under 12 months of age.


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