Lavender Honey

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Hey what's in that jar?

12oz in weight (8 Fl. Oz)

We carefully infused Raw Organic WildFlower Honey with high quality Lavender - we do not subject our product to any excessive heat, filtration, or pressure.

Looks and smells like plain honey - but the taste... the taste will BLOW YOU AWAY! Imagine how amazing lavender smells... That is literally how this honey tastes. If raw honey wasn't delicious enough, we made it EVEN better. Drizzle over some salad, in your tea, or just a spoon by itself!




Babies under 12 months of age cannot eat raw honey because it can make them sick. Even though elderberries are safe & have been prized as medicine for centuries, if you are concerned for your health; please conduct your own research or consult with your physician. Otherwise - ENJOY