Elderberry Honey

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 8 Fluid Ounces / 12oz in weight - 48 Teaspoon Servings

Raw honey is already a dream come true in the food world - sweet, rich, and miraculously healthy in daily doses! We wanted to create something even more amazing…

Hey what's in that jar?

Just TWO Ingredients: Honey and elderberries!

Raw honey carefully infused with elderberries, re-filtered without excessive heat and packaged into this beautiful jar just for you - the Elderberry Honey packs a tasty punch to your immune system. With a stunning deep red coloration; this herb infused raw honey will amaze you with its exotic berry flavor and aroma. More importantly though, the elderberries add EVEN MORE Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and a LONG list of other interesting health benefits to the honey!


Start your mornings off right with a dose of the this fine honey. A teaspoon drizzled on your toast, salad, smoothie, in your tea or coffee - heck a teaspoon on its own is irresistible too! It's great for allergies!

Want to learn more about these herbs and honeys?

Stay tuned to our blog for more fun information about our products and also a delicious recipe here and there✔ 



Babies under 12 months of age cannot eat raw honey because it can make them sick. Even though elderberries are safe & have been prized as medicine for centuries, if you are concerned for your health; please conduct your own research or consult with your physician. Otherwise - ENJOY